Art Criticism and Other Short Stories




Art Criticism & Other Short Stories #3




She’s back! The third issue of Art Criticism and Other Short Stories was designed and printed in October, 2017 by Moniker Press. More fan fiction by artists. This issue takes up bodily responses to art, including a text about sculptural attraction in relationship to the work of Jade Yumang, an ode to sculptor Louise Bourgeois’s ponytail, and a meditation on literally ingesting the work of Aleesa Cohene. Writing by Vanessa Kwan, Hazel Meyer, Ariana Jacob, Maya Suess and Carmen Papalia. It’s a good one!


Art Criticism & Other Short Stories #2

A collection of fan fiction about artworks by artists, Art Criticism and Other Short Stories explores what a fanatical “too close” reading can offer to art writing. Speculative fiction writer Amber Dawn tells the story of a Louise Nevelson sculpture that stands in for a childhood babysitter. Maya Suess adopts the perspective of a settler in her historical fiction about Kent Monkman’s drag persona, set in colonial Canada. Bas Jan Ader’s In Search of the Miraculous is rewritten as a science fiction short story by curator Sam Korman. And, based on artist Hazel Meyer’s premise, Anni Albers and Dirk Nowitzki Walk into a Bar, Rose Bouthillier weaves together sports psychology, textile patterns and abstraction. In What Happens to a Human Being Before They Become an Art Critic, Amy Fung describes some of the interactions and activities that surround art openings. And, musician Dan Nelson imagines the teenage scribblings of American composer Morton Feldman as he develops his ideas around indeterminate music. Finally, I write about a little seen George Levantis sculpture, thrown overboard.

Edited by Helen Reed
Publication design by Sarah Baugh and Nicole Lavelle.


Art Criticism & Other Short Stories #1

Artist book anthology. Series of six staple bound, softcover, b/w booklets.

Edition of 100.

Edited and produced by Helen Reed.

Publication design by Chris Lee.

This anthology of short fiction about contemporary art features six short stories:

Darren O’Donnell fantasizes about hosting a couch-surfing Thomas Hirschhorn, Sam Korman pens a conspiratorial excursion through the paintings of Wayne Gonzales and Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen compose a letter to their friendly art rival Ryan Gander. Onya Hogan-Finlay revisits the work of Lee Lozano at Michigan Women’s Festival, Jen Delos Reyes imagines the journeys of three Felix Gonzales Torres’ poster works, and Helen Reed contributes a narrative about a trip to see Andrea Bowers’ Non-violent Civil Disobedience drawings.

Art Criticism & Other Short Stories is a collection of fan fiction for contemporary art & artists, enacting a speculative & playful relationship with objects of desire.



Copies available at Monograph Bookwerks, Printed Matter & Art Metropole.