In Conversation: Cindy Mochizuki with Hannah Jickling, Helen Reed, and Vanessa Kwan on Artistic Collaborations with Children

Thursday, February 18, 2016, 7:00 PM
Access Gallery

What is the radical potential of artists working with children? How do we understand agency and authorship in projects involving young people? How might such projects point to broader questions around the ethics of engagement in contemporary art practice, and to new (and often destabilizing) forms of interaction within the gallery and beyond? How might curators or institutions shift their practices to support a wider range of complex, generous, and attentive play, in younger communities and in a wider sense? These are some of the questions that will propel a conversation between artists Cindy Mochizuki (Access Gallery), Hannah Jickling, Helen Reed, and Vanessa Kwan (Other Sights for Artists’ Projects) on the occasion of their concurrent artistic collaborations with children. We view this informal event as a generative jumping-off point for a robust, longer-term discussion. Children are welcome at this event, of course!

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