Hannah and I were invited to present on our latest Other Sites for Artists’ Projects commission at the For A New Accessibility (FANA) convergence at Gallery Gachet. We gave a brief talk on the themes and research of Big Rock Candy Mountain, our public artwork, flavor incubator and taste-making think-tank housed in an East Vancouver Elementary School. Along with the opportunities for multi-sensory experiences that food and candy provide, Big Rock Candy Mountain explores candy’s cultural narratives and the ways in which it connects to larger stories about utopia, power and desire. After the talk the workshop participants spun some cotton candy into desirable and undesirable flavors. By combining different flavors of hard candy we created a good taste – Werther’s Originals and green apple Jolly Rancher combo and a bad taste – Ricola and Cherry Vicks. Special thanks to Elizabeth Milton for lending us her cotton candy maker.

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